Joy's Company Profile
Established in Melbourne, Australia since 1998, Joy's International Cosmetics Pty Ltd insists on providing improvements on holistic well-being and deliver innovative cosmetic products under the brand name SkinBio ІІ through advanced biotechnology, with Australia's natural raw materials and pure essential oils.
We adopt a four-pronged approach, namely, distribution of high quality natural products, utilisation of state-of-the-art equipment, proprietary east west based education, and successful business strategies such as franchise and flagship store management strategies.

Our mission "natural is beautiful" has guided Joy's International Cosmetics to carefully select the best ingredients for our skin care products. Our products come from the purest natural derivatives and essences, which can achieve effective re-balancing and nourishment for our delicate skin without the danger of chemical sedimentation. We strive to deliver natural, pure, effective and safe skin care solutions to enhance your beauty naturally.

Our Product Development Division, comprising of group of experienced scientists and collaborating with 4 top-notch biotechnological laboratories in Australia, serves to ensure our valued costomrts are informed of the newest products available and to satisfy our customers' needs. Our academic researches, especially in preventive health management combined with state-of-the-art hardware development, and our widely acclaimed east-west based massage techniques, sets new boundaries and have helped many customers stay at the forefront of businesses. On the ground, our strong team of technical experts provides close technical support through trainings, seminars, and professional counselling, ensuring ready answers and advice on bussiness strategies.

Academic & Professional Contributions
We are very active in the academic and professional arena, and have delivered research papers
in conferences, such as atechnical paper on "Creating New Cosmeceutical Boundary-
a New Aspect of Pain Management" during the International Conference on e-Commerce,
e-Admininstration, e-Society, e-Education, and e-Technology(e-CASE & e-Tech 2010), held from
25 to 27 Jamuary 2010 in Macau.

Joy's International Cosmetics strives to research and develop new skin care products to care for a variety of skin types. Joy's International Cosmetics range is composed of more than 100 products for face and body care, from moisturizers, whitening cream, bath oil blends to cleansing gels.

Business Groups

・Joy's International Cosmetics Pty Ltd, Australia, established in 1998
・E mann Enterprise Co Ltd, Taiwan HQ for Asia Region, established in 1989
・Joy's Singapore Branch: Neo-PercepT Biotechnology (S) Pte Ltd, established in 2007
・Joy’s Indonesia Branch: PT.Alfa Biotek, established in 2009
・Sanora Solution, Malaysia, established in 2014